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Tested. Proven.

The attorneys at Nernberg & Associates have received numerous successful decisions at all stages of litigation and from Courts at all judicial levels. With a small firm like Nernberg & Associates, you can find comfort in the fact that you will always be represented by an attorney who has the courtroom and hands-on experience necessary to obtain optimal results for you.

Nernberg & Associates is a general practice law firm that seeks to protects the interests of both individuals and businesses big and small.

While the attorneys at N&A have extensive experience in a variety of legal fields, which allows us to serve our clients in almost any situation, we take particular pride in handling cases that involve issues other law firms might find too difficult, too provocative, or too novel. Whatever our clients’ needs, we strive to exceed expectations by providing high quality legal service that is prompt, responsive, and personal. If that appeals to you, please call our office today.

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301 Smithfield St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


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